recycle for money

What Items Can Be Recycle For Money?

Before tossing everything in the bin, do you ever consider recycling it? Have you ever given a second thought to the items that can be recycle for money? Well, it’s okay if you haven’t ever thought about it because majority of us don’t pay much heed to it. But instead of throwing everything away and adding up trash and pollution to the world, you should contemplate recycling things for money. We celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April but do we ever do anything in order to save the Earth from daily pollution?

Thus, we have listed some items that can be recycle for money and we can help save the Earth from pollution with our little efforts.

Bottles and Cans:
There are a lot of recycling centers that pay you great amount for bottles and cans. Collect bottles and cans from your home or workplace and send them in to a recycling center and get money. A lot of states have a proper deposit for recycling cans and bottles, so you can always check your local area for such places. These two items can be recycle, instead of being thrown away in the bin and adding to pollution.

Ink Cartridges:
Majority of people do not know about this that ink cartridges can be recycle too. Office supply stores (some of them) accept used ink cartridges for recycling. Office Deposit and Staples are two of the most famous names in the world of office supply stores and they offer you money for used ink cartridges. Staples offer you $2 per cartridge and Office Depot gives you 100 points for 10 cartridges in a month. You can ask your friends to hand you over some empty ink cartridges and get the points.

Car Batteries:
If your car battery is dead, don’t forget to ask the car company about their policy regarding car batteries. As used batteries can be recycle to make new ones, some car companies do offer you a little amount for the dead batteries too. It is always good to ask the company you purchased the battery from.

Paper is one of the most common things that can be recycle for money. We must not forget that paper is made through trees and we should always reuse it as much as possible, in order to save the nature. Never throw away sheets of paper in the bin as you can hand it over in a recycling center and get money for it too.

Scrap Metal:
Scrap metals are going to bring you back the highest amount of money for recycling. Scrap steel can actually bring you dollars back. Old automotive parts, casings of appliances and steel cans are some of the easiest ways to access scrap metal.

These are the top 5 items that can be recycle for money. You can find them in your daily life and help in saving our planet Earth from further damage. Let’s join hands to de-clutter our planet from trash and recycle as much as we can for the betterment of upcoming generations.