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Where Can I Buy A Salvage Car?

Buy Salvage Car – Salvaged cars are those automobiles that have been totaled out by insurance companies. According to the body organizing insurance commissioners, a vehicle is declared a total loss if its repair cost outweighs its value. Car insurance companies know that the overall value of the ride will be less than the total cost of its repair – which is why they call it a salvaged car. The company pays the owner the cash worth the value of the four-wheeler and retains it.

However, there are salvaged cars that can be repaired and used; one can buy the ones that don’t need much repair. In some cases the cost of repair is not so overbearing. Still, you have to be very careful where and how you buy such items. Here are a few places you can try.

Online Car Dealers

There are different car dealers on the internet who are in the buy salvage car sector. It is not news that the web is an excellent resource to find such cash-for-scrap opportunities. Some of these companies deal only in salvaged or totaled cars, like the Elite Motor Cars Inc who have a detailed gallery, an analysis of the costs of repair and other necessary info.

You need to make sure these companies are not car-dealing wannabes or online princes looking to cart away cash. You can ask your friends or get feedback online about them. Another way is to check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints had been raised about them.

There are reputable salvage companies you can buy salvage cars from. Most of them have professionally-developed websites, such as the Elite Motor Cars Inc and in the United States.

A lot of salvage car auctions take place around the world . No matter what part of the world you are, salvage car auctions always take place. It’s just for you to get the info on where it will take place, the time and the venue. The insurance company pays the owner of the salvage cars the value of the vehicles and then the insurers’ auction the repairable ones to individuals or brokers who buy salvage car.

Car Salvage Auctions

Organizations like Insurance Auto Auctions has been organizing salvage car auctions as far back as 1982. Rental car companies, insurance companies, and fleet lease companies always partner with this organization to sell salvaged cars. They have a well-detailed website with maps featuring present auctions, the address, contact details, time, date, and the number of vehicles up for sale — also a detailed list of auction schedules and salvage vehicles.

Buying From Car Repairers

Buying a salvage car from a private car dealer or a mechanic can be very dicey, especially if you don’t know much about such business. Problems like the transmission and brakes, anti-lock system and bad airbags, can neither be detected at first glance nor during a test drive.

It is advisable to get a mechanic or automobile engineer to check out the cost of repair and history of the vehicle.  Also, run the Vehicle Identification Number through the National Insurance Crime Bureau to know if stolen or if there is any issue with the vehicle. Buying a salvage car, either for your use or for business is easy. As this was easy-peasy to learn, you are now ready to make more informed decisions.